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Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Amazing Lace - Introduction of "The Team"

My team introduction tells a story of new love.

JayJay and Knitting got together during a particularly vulnerable time, just after JayJay broke it off with Crochet. She and crochet just weren’t looking for the same things. JayJay wanted soft, stylish sweaters and Crochet only had stiff, scratchy fabric and ugly patterns. JayJay wanted more, and a lifetime of doilies would not do. Thus, JayJay turned to the cozy warmth of Knit.

JayJay slowly built a relationship with Knitting. Sure, there were hard times. That first scarf had to be frogged, but now a beautiful vest is emerging from the pile of yarn that was that first scarf. JayJay and Knitting decided to go to therapy to help them work through their issues, and after the help of a trained knitting instructor they feel they are ready to take things to the next level.

JayJay and two knitting projects have formed a young, scrappy team for The Great Lace. They feel that if they succeed in this challenge it will prepare JayJay for a lifetime commitment to Knit. However, questions remain about JayJay’s commitment to Knit. Recently, Crochet has come back to JayJay’s life. It insists that it has changed, and it now ready to give her beautiful soft garments she desires - e.g., short-n-sweet, cupcake, and prepster jacket from:

Can she resist the draw of Crochet and stay faithful to Knit, even as lovely crochet tops are in every store? Will her relationship with Knit withstand the pressure of competition? Only time will tell……

The team includes JayJay, a ribbed tank from Knit.1 summer 2005 issue with a keyhole and two eyelets for ribbon in the back (they count as intentional holes, right?), and a simple lace-edged top from Schachenmayr Nomotta Inspiration #75.

For the ribbed tank JayJay has chosen mauve, light pink, and white stripes in mercerized cotton (all three colors from different manufacturers).

The Schachenmayr will be made from sage green Jaeger Trinity, a silk/cotton/polymide blend.

Not the most complicated lace to be sure, but this ragtag team thinks it has what it takes to challenge even the best knitters! The Knitting and I have been doing some intense training in preparation for the competition:

Hiking should prepare us for the more physical challenges.

We've also been studying art and scupture to prepare for more artistic challenges.

But, in addition to our intense training regimen we also try to make time to go out on the town.

Without further ado, Our Official Team Photo (in all our finery):


At 5:39 PM, Anonymous Rachel said...

Sounds like you've covered all the bases! This was a great intro -- thanks!


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