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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Crafters Gone Wild!

I think it would be funny to have a video of "Crafters Gone Wild." What would a crafter do to get a coveted piece of fabric or enough silk yarn to make a shawl? You think spring breakers are bad, but I'm sure the crafters could outdo them. I sense a web contest coming on.

Of course crafters aren't known for being sexy, so we'll have to change our image to sell the video. Maybe we should start small, with a calendar? The Sexy Crafter Calendar. Imagine the creative poses with skeins of yarn, fat quarters, and strategically placed embroidery hoops! A few months ago I saw a clever calendar that featured naked people posing with produce. Surely, crafting supplies would lend themselves to even more creativity? This would just take the idea of Flash Your Stash Day to another level. Any volunteers?

Until I get this business idea off the ground, I plan to take inspiration for my next crafting adventures from Theresa at Knitting Underway. She's going to have a knitting project a month, chosen from a stash of lovely, yet heretofore unused, knitting books she has in her library. She will also try to use yarn from her stash. I plan to pick a project a month to work on, from my long list of abandoned projects. Will I finish the project in a month? Hopefully. Either way, this will result in changes in my sidebars and whittle down my yarn, fabric, and crafting supply stashes. Ah, happiness all around. Watch for the master list of monthly projects. And the Sexy Crafter Calendar.


At 6:18 PM, Blogger Theresa said...

Could get pretty crazy, pretty fast. Better be careful there . . .


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