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Monday, June 12, 2006

The Ghosts of Crafting Past

This post is an homage to those things I purchased or scavenged, which at the time seemed like a wonderful idea, but upon further reflection were just plain nuts. Not that I plan to abandon all my crazy crafting schemes. Really, they make life worth living.

First, the wooden bow. At just $1.99 how could I pass up such a bargain? What I should have asked myself was what the hell someone does with a large wooden bow. Since I still haven't figured that out, it goes in the box for charity.

Next the old faucet. This one I plan to keep to make my own outdoor water fountain. I haven't decided what I will have in the center, but one particularly whimsical one was made to look like a sink of dishes. I probably won't go for that, since I see plenty of real sinks of dirty dishes every week. I am definitely keeping it though, and will continue to scheme about my fountain.

Finally, the spindle turned into candle holders (sort of). I found this old spindle at my parents house, had it cut in two, drilled a shallow hole, and glued them to small wooden circles. I painted them a lovely sage green, which I intended to follow with a crackle paint treatment and gold paint. Thus, the green would just peak throug the gold. That was the idea. The reality is that these have sat in the craft box for almost 10 years. My crackle stuff and gold paint dried out. I really need to finish these puppies. Oh, and my brother finally figured out that the spindle belonged to a coffee table. Which he wanted for his apartment. My poor dad had to make new spindles since a coffee table with only three looks a bit silly. The lesson is to never leave crafty-looking refuse near me or you could end up missing a spindle.


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