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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Have Craft Supplies, Will Travel

Aside from The Amazing Lace and my current obsession will all things yarn, I also do a large number of other crafts. I tend to get really excited about something, buy all the cool supplies necessary for that craft, make a few things and then get bored. Some examples:

I planned to make all my greeting cards by hand! It will save money, and will be more creative and personal. About $200 later I have a nice selection of stamps, paper, ink, embossing powder, and a really cool embossing gun (see photos). And no cards to show for it. This stuff takes a lot more time than I thought and no matter how many stamps I have I never seem to have the right ones for each person and need to buy just one more (at $4-$20 each stamp), then I don't have the right color ink or enough markers to color them in, etc. etc. I did make Christmas cards a few years ago and they were quite lovely, but $200 lovely?

- I will become a master quilter! I have the sewing maching mat, rotary cutter, template plastic, several pattern books, an entire underbed box filled with quilting fabric, several spools of hand quilting thread, and a huge quilting hoop. Again, I made a couple quilts and have all the materials for three more (two baby ones and a large denim one) which I haven't worked on in ages.

My obvious crafting obsession does pose a bit of a storage issue. Why do I bring this up now? As it so happens, My wonderful husband and I are moving clear across country, diagonally at that, from New England to Southern California. Every crafter dreads having to face the reality of "the stash" at moving time.

My totals look something like this:
3 underbed boxes of fabric, including decorator, quilting, and clothing fabrics
1 very large box of yarn
1 very large plastic tub of miscellaneous craft supplies, containing such important things as a large wooden bow (might need it to decorate something someday), 2 boxes of embroidery floss organized by color number, and an antique looking faucet I found under the deck of my last apartment (I plan to make a fountain out of it).
1 smaller plastic tub full of sewing supplies - lace, ribbon, sewing machine needles, etc.
1 large plastic tub filled with old blue jeans and a partially done denim patchwork quilt.
2 large rolls of 60' wide decorator fabric and lining to make dining room curtains for our apartment (the apartment we will be moving out of at the end of June)
1 small plastic bin of the afore-mentioned rubber stamping supplies
1 large self-healing quilting mat

That doesn't seem so bad, does it? (Just lie to me and agree, OK?)


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