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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A Stitch in Time

So, in previous posts I've mentioned that during one stage of my life I was an avid quilter. Maybe avid is the wrong term. Obsessive is probably more accurate. Obsessive compulsive may actually hit the nail on the head. Sure, there are medications for this kind of thing, but isn't is just more fun to see what you can do with all the coolest quilting supplies?

As with all great crafting obsession, it began with a book from the library. The book is Debbie Mumm's Quick Country Quilting. She was (and probably still is) the Queen of Country Quilting, with her own line of fabric and everything, and I was going through a country phase. It was a match made in heaven. Using two of her patterns, I actually managed to complete two projects: A tree wall hanging and a watermelon table cloth. The watermelon tablecloth is a bit wrinkled from sitting in a drawer all winter, but you get the idea. I was particularly proud that I was able to find red watermelon seed-filled fabric! Even the green fabic is mottled just like watermelon skin. I was also able to showcase two quilting techniques with this one project: The watermelon is applique and the border it patchwork. It turned out pretty well, and it's a fun, silly tablecloth, perfect for summer.

The tree quilt is a source of much grief, as people always comment on the lovely "Christmas" quilt. I never intended for it to be a holiday item. I think my use of a dark green and dull red take it out of the holiday realm, but some people can't see a damn pine tree without assuming it's a Christmas tree. Where I grew up pine trees were an all-year-round decoration (it's called nature people!), so I just don't see it.

In addition to these two projects, I also made two full-size quilts. One I gave away to a friend, who moved and was never heard from again once she had my beautiful handiwork in her possession. It was nine patch, mostly in dark greens (her favorite color). I used a lofty batting and tied it rather than hand quilting. Never even got to snap a photo of my masterpiece before it was gone forever. Not that I'm bitter or anything.

The other quilt was a hand appliqued butterfly quilt. My mom started this sometime in the 70's, and I finished it in about '98. (I just love finishing other people's half-done projects, another sign of OCD?). I paid to have it machine-quilted by a quilting shop near where my parents live. I still haven't been ambitious enough to hand quilt anything larger than a baby quilt. I actually kept this for myself and I love it!

My last completed quilting project was a sailboat quilt much like this one, for a friend who had a baby boy. I used a similar color scheme of red, white, and blue. The little boy's name is Sam, so it seemed appropriate. Again, I forgot to take a photo, but I'm sure it is being loved appreciated. I actually handquilted this one.

My quilting tastes have evolved somewhat and I am now working on projects where I play more with color and use more geometric quilt designs. However, I still have a strong desire to make Debbie Mumm's cow quilt, as a homage to my humble dairy farm upbringing. And really, who can resist cows?


At 12:33 PM, Blogger Theresa said...

I can't believe it took me this long to get here! (your blog, that is) I love love love it. Will be back all the time. Will comment more later. Craziness, and way too much paperwork for my first day of work.


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