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Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Killer Rabbit

I apologize to those who have tried to leave comments recently. Apparently when you stay up late playing around on your blog you occasionally make unintended changes to your settings (or so I've heard). Anyway, post away my friends!

You know that gas prices must be high when they bring back the Volkswagen Rabbit the same year that they downsize the Hummer. I love the Rabbit. My brother had three of them, and loved them all. You really need to buy them in threes, to make sure that you always have one that runs, and so you have spare parts. He had one that was grass green. What a thing of beauty. I also knew a guy in college who got a ticket for excessive use of power. For his Volkwagen Rabbit. He framed the ticket. This guy also had a loudspeaker in his car. You know, the type they use to announce stuff while driving around. He would never let me use it, even though I had this great idea for using it at the McDonald's drive-through. Rabbits are cool. Just sayin'

This blog has strayed a bit from knitting projects lately, since I am now faced with an apartment to decorate. Fear not, my knitting friends. I will return to those projects very soon. I have reached a non-brainless point in both projects. Unfortunately, I am feeling brainless. Thus, I have been working on non-knitting stuff. I admit it, I'm not a monogamous crafter. But with so many luscious crafts to do, how can I be faithful to just one? I am attempting to crochet a potholder from some sugar and cream yarn. Below is the world's ugliest potholder: Obviously, this pattern blows. It's supposed to have an aran pattern, which you can sort of see. However, there are different number of stitches on either end and that's how the pattern was written, it's not an error. Time to frog it and find a different pattern. Any suggestions?


At 6:56 AM, Blogger Jennifer said...

You probably have this link, but for dishcloths I always go first to the dishcloth boutique:

for knit and crochet patterns.


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