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Friday, July 21, 2006

A New Beginning

As my lovely friend Theresa at knitting underway would say, this NewCaliforniaLifeStyle requires some getting used to. Things I've learned about California:

1. Californians really like yoga. There are at least four yoga studios within a few blocks of my apartment. I like yoga too, and feel I should take it up again now that so many studios are within easy reach. If I get one free class at each studio I won't actually have to start paying for it for about six months.

2. It must take a lot of salon time to keep up the "California look." If there are four yoga studios there are at least twice as many salons and spas within a few blocks of my new apartment. This explains why everyone here looks so well groomed, and the fact that I have not visited any of these establishments probably explains why I don't.

Part of the reason I haven't spent a lot of time worrying about my appearance is that I plan to spend time decorating and refinishing things for the apartment. I find that sanding and priming really messes up a manicure.

Here is my proposed color scheme for the living room:
The navy stripe is the draperies to which I will add a dark navy border to the bottom (I need to add extra length to them, since they are about 10 inches too short). The flowered background is the rug, to which I am trying to coordinate everything. The cream square is the couch upholstery. The mustard/blue patterned swatch is one option for reupolstering my ball and claw foot chair. The current fabric is worn and a little hard to work with in it's current yellow and black color scheme (unless I decide to go with a "bumble bee" decorating scheme-see below).The light blue fabric is a faux suede which I am considering using to make an easy cover for another antique chair. I think it should also have a cute tailored skirt made of a coordinating patterned fabric. But, then again I also think I should live in old victorian and have a maid. We'll see what is actually possible. I start work on August 21st, after which very little is likely to get done.

Today, I also learned that some things are universal. If a guy is wearing a black trench coat in 100+ degree weather he is on some serious medication and will likely disrupt your quiet time with your iced coffee by pointing out an imaginary WWII airplane and asking to borrow your cell phone (to call the aliens flying the plane, I presume).


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