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Friday, August 04, 2006

The Sun Always Shines On TV

lyrics by Aha

In television, poetry, and urban mythology, it's always sunny in California. In real life, California has overcast days. Yesterday was one of those days, and I am learning that the averages I looked up at really aren't all that useful. I'm sure people are tired of hearing me say, "but it's not supposed to rain in July in California", or "it's not supposed to be humid in summer in California." All-in-all, though, it's a beautiful place.

In crafting news, my curtains are done! I even put weights in so they "puddle" nicely on the floor. Tomorrow I will buy the holdbacks and take a photo of the glorious finished product.

Also adding to my good mood is a new yarn purchase. I couldn't justify any significant amounts of yarn, since we just moved and may move again before April. However, I always need baby gifts and I tought some wee hats so go with the fleece blankets were a necessity! Thus, some baby cashmerino was needed (really, it was).


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