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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Random Number Generators Rock!

Haven't we all felt the affection of random numbers at one point in time or other? I know I have. More on that later.

Overall, I am enjoying and adjusting to MyNewCaliforniaLifeStyle quite well. I have learned to dress to keep cool, and even bought that style of footwear known only in California, the dressy flip-flop (mine are a rich, dark leather and perfectly appropriate for all manner of fancy occasions in Cali). One style that I hadn't anticipated is the "Dressy Hawaiian." I have seen on numerous occasions hawaiian shirts worn by men in such a way that they appear dressy.

I've spend the past couple weeks observing, and "Dressy Hawaiian" is a style that works best if you follow these rules:

1. The Hawaiian shirt should have no more than two colors
2. The shirt should be worn with Khakis, no shorts or jeans
3. The individual wearing this look should have at least a slight tan, as proof that they do in fact live in California

Follow these rules, and you too can embrace the SoCal "Dressy Hawaiian" style!

In knitting news, I'm a winner! Thanks to a wonderful random number generator, I won this absolutely gorgeous yarn and Kookaburra Woolwash from kaleidoscope yarns.

The yarn is a single skein (437 yards) of Cherry Tree Hill 100% suri alpaca laceweight. Rachel of Lickety Knit speculates that the colorway is “Champlain Sunset.” I'm extremly thrilled, although I do feel bad that I was an Amazing Lace dropout. My projects are still unfinished (although they are coming along) and I didn't even enter the last three challenges. I did spend altogether way too much time on the first few challenges (I apologize to my husband, who likely was neglected as a result), and was even a finalist in Challenge #2, so maybe it all evens out. Any pattern suggestions? Something Hawaiian perhaps?


At 5:21 PM, Blogger Theresa said...

Congrats on the good luck! No suggestions, but I too love the dressy flip flops. Who'd've guessed?

At 10:33 AM, Anonymous Amanda said...

I love reading about your observations of SoCal style... it's been 4 years (WOW that's hard to believe!) since I moved here from Vancouver Canada. I remember observing these things too but I don't think I was ever so consciously aware of them...


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