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Saturday, September 30, 2006

A Sleeve by Any Other Name

Yes, it's just one small sleeve (and a short one at that), but it was a long time coming. I have learned that when moving yourself cross-country that having an idiot-proof knitting project is key. This poor sleeve was ripped back many times, because I was tired or distracted and screwed it up....again. The next time I worked on it was during SnB, which was also a bad idea because I needed to keep careful track of my decreases. I finally picked it up again this week, did the math and discovered I had only forgotten to write down one decrease. The knitting was A-Okay, so I was finally able to finish.

At least I thought it was okay. When I checked the finished measurements, the length was a little too long (is an inch a little?). Arggh! I *thought* I was getting gauge (when I measured at the beginning), but maybe it went haywire somewhere between Tennessee and California? This poor sleeve may yet have to be reknit with a smaller needles (all that seed stitch with size 2's! Ugh!), but I am confident that the second time around I can manage to at least count correctly without the distraction of road noise.

The question is, what next? Should I do a gauge swatch of the lace pattern for the main body of the sweater and attempt to knit the front and back to the correct gauge? Then I can see how this sleeve fits before I make the other one. Or should I just make the other sleeve, knowing I may have to reknit them both?


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