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Monday, October 02, 2006

Plays Well with Others

Always one happy to play with others, I will follow suit and take part in Grumperina's Meme: 10 Knitterly Things You Don't Know About Me:

1. I'm actually very new to knitting. Officially, I've only completed one sweater and a couple baby hats. For some reason, people assume I've been knitting for awhile. Perhaps they're not accustomed to such a level of obsession in someone so new to the craft? Those who know me well are perfectly aware that my obsessiveness cannot be denied. It's best to give it a creative outlet and hope for the best.

2. I *should* be an expert knitter, not a beginner. My mother tried to teach me numerous times, and I just never caught on. I have crocheted for many years and made several afgans and a few doilies (just to see if I could). My mother knits continental style. Maybe I'm just not coordinated enough to knit continental?

3. I learned to knit in a community education class. I have to be honest and admit that I am an old dog and knitting was a new trick. I found it much too frustrating to learn on my own. Being in a class with a bunch of other people struggling to learn made me feel better.

4. Perhaps this might seem obvious based on the items above, but I've never done a cable. Not avoiding them, just haven't gotten around to it. I am looking for a good beginner cable project, if you have any suggestions?

5. On a related note, I was one of the first to join The Amazing Lace, even though I didn't know how to do a yarn over. What can I say, I was confident I could figure it out!

6. I'm not sure if I'll ever knit socks. I have nothing personal against them, it's just that since I moved to California socks have lost all appeal to me. Not just knitted ones, all socks. I've worn socks exactly three times since the move: The three times I've gone to gym (really have to get on that by the way). My feet yearn to be free (of socks, that is).

7. I have an embarrassingly large stash of cheap acrylic yarn that I can't seem to part with. It's been alternately moved and stored at least half a dozen times. I'm too damn cheap to just give it away. It's fairly soft (not the old, scratchy kind) so maybe crocheted baby blankets would be a good option?

8. I am probably the only knitter who has made a sweater but not a scarf. Sweaters are more exciting.

9. I am often torn between knitting and all my other crafty hobbies. I should probably just pick one and stick with it, with the hope that I will become a real expert at that one thing. Unfortunately, it feels like choosing among my children.

10. I love all of Wendy's patterns, but haven't tried one yet. They are cute and perfect for southern California! However, I feel like I *should* use a pattern from one of the zillions of books and knitting mags I've already bought. I'm sure I will crack soon and buy one anyway (the OCD made me do it).

I hope that was mildy illuminating. I wish my knitting life was a bit more exciting, but other parts of my life have been significantly more adventurous so I guess it evens out.

I have been giving the Schachenmayr sweater some thought, and I think I will return to an old project for now, the Vogue Winter 05 v-necked vest. That is definitely a fall project and it's nearly done. Once I get that and the Knit.1 tank finished, I think I'll feel better about tackling the lace and gauge issues.


At 2:33 PM, Blogger Theresa said...

You are so on your way to expert! And I've been seeing a lot of vests out there recently. I think good thoughts about vests these days, even in SoCal.


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