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Friday, October 20, 2006

Who Needs Sleep?

song title - The Barenaked Ladies

Who needs sleep? Well, I'd certainly volunteer for some right about now. Or a caffeine IV drip. Compared to other people, I am probably being overly sensitive, but this week is taking some adjustment. The husband started his new job, which has thrown our schedule out of whack. I have to get up at 5:50 am so he can get to work on time. This is exactly the kind of job he was looking for, so I really shouldn't complain at all. This does, however, violate my policy that I do not get up at times that contain fives. There are TWO fives in 5:50. If I sleep in a little I might even end up getting up at 5:55. Oh, the horror!! For the sake of marital harmony, I may have to change my policy. I shall now avoid 4's.

In other news, I am slowly learning that some things I initially considered odd about California lifestyle actually make a lot more sense when you actually live here.

1. hoodie with shorts

Previous thinking - If it's cold enough for the hoodie, why the heck are you still wearing shorts?

New thinking - Fall days start out somewhat chilly in the morning, but warm up to high 70s and low 80s. As the day warms up take off the hoodie and voila!, you're comfortable.

2. rain makes the news and slows traffic

Previous thinking - It's just rain for God's sake! Get over it and drive.

New thinking - What is this strange water falling from sky? It's rained TWICE since I moved in July, and not much either time. Last time it rained I couldn't see because all the dust that had accumulated on my windshield for the past two months turned to mud. No wonder traffic slows.

In crafting news, I am taking a break from knitting and crocheting some potholders. I had two such potholders tucked away for years to use at the right moment. When we moved, that moment arrrived (OK, we actually threw away all the old ones, and forgot to buy new ones when we moved in). They actually work marvelously, so I am using up some Sugar 'n Cream yarn from my stash to make some more. The two pieces are crocheted together with lovely scalloped edge to make a sturdy, yet decorative potholder. This yarn is black and white, slightly reminiscent of a holstein cow. I am thinking maybe a black or red for the edges? These may end up as Christmas gifts as they are easy and fun.


At 9:34 PM, Blogger Theresa said...

Hooray for the job! Did you guys call last week? (I'm at work now, or I would listen to my 17 voice messages to find out.) I had to go to Phila unexpectedly this weekend. I'll call you guys sometime this week.


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