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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Exercising Your Right

Yesterday I voted for the first time as a Californian. Although exciting, it did require some number of crib sheets to negotiate the process. With so many propositions to keep track of, I had to bring along some notes about each to make sure I remembered what I had decided to vote. Also, I had notes about the city council. I plan to stay in this city a long time, so I don't want some asshat running things (sorry for the foul language, but it is politics we're talking about here).

For today's craft project, I am posting my Halloween costume. It seems fitting, because it is the style of dress that a young woman might have worn when women finally won the right to vote (19th Amendment, 1920). I made the dress a few years ago, and recently found all the appropriate accessories for my flapper garb. It only has a couple rows of red fringe, because, well fringe is expensive. The dress is made of stretchy velvet with a decorative v-neck front and some sequin trim. The Saturday before Halloween we went to a family-oriented event with friends, and all the little girls were smitten with my dress. I realized that I'm really still just a girl who likes to play dress up. To add to my excitement, I recently heard a rumor that the hubby's company may have a Christmas masquerade. Really, the only thing better than sequins and velvet is a fancy feather mask (in addition to sequins and velvet, of course)!


At 8:51 PM, Blogger Theresa said...

Aren't you just so cute?


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