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Friday, October 05, 2007

The Usual Questions

Thanks for all the great baby knitting pattern suggestions! I will definitely pick up a couple of the books that were suggested and look for those patterns. I am quite excited to be working on baby stuff for us, finally. Even the hubby has decided that one or two things should be saved for our baby. He really likes the blue/multi baby afgan I've been working on, for example.

Aside from the crafting, I am finding this whole pregnancy thing to be quite a learning experience. For example, when you are pregnant and it has become general knowledge, it almost becomes standard for people to ask 3 basic questions:

1. How are you feeling?

I just want to start by saying that I think it's nice that peope are concerned and sympathetic. My only problem is knowing how honest I should be. I mean, do they really want to know that I have indigestion constantly, that without prediction something I ate might make me feel horrible, and that I hate having to pee every half hour? Or would they rather I smile and just say, "great, thanks for asking!" I don't seem to be very good at figuring which type of answer each person prefers, so I'm afraid I've offended some folks already. I apologize.

2. When are you due?

This is an easy one, particularly since my due date is St. Patrick's Day which is easy for people to remember.

3. Do you know what you're having?

My first reaction to this is "a baby of course!" (I mean what did think I was gonna have, a puppy?) However, most people are just curious about the sex the baby and are just trying to make conversation, not exchange sarcastic remarks. More's the pity, since I love sarcasm.

All three questions are perfectly reasonable, and pretty much stay safely away from any of the more intimate details of pregnancy. One things I've definitely learned is that only during pregnancy do terms like "cervix" and debates about various bodily excretions become perfectly reasonable topics of normal conversation. Those who want to largely avoid those topics should stick to the three questions.

Oh, and to actually answer question number 3, we don't know the sex yet since it's still kind of early. I am excited to find out, since this does profoundly affect my knitting choices. For example this yarn would not be a good choice for a boy:

I also wanted to post on my progress on the one-piece baby kimono. Despite my misgivings, I decided to go ahead with it and make some minor changes. I think it will turn out OK, and it already looks pretty cute:

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At 2:25 PM, Blogger michaele said...

I say stick to the sarcasm. I have the same problem when people ask me how I am feeling and I'm not pregnant. Do I tell them what's going on? Or do I sugar coat it and make it sound like everything is okay? If you find a good strategy, let me know!!

cute sweater and afghan!

At 3:07 PM, Blogger Theresa said...

Your kimono does look way better than mine, I agree. Glad you're feeling (mostly) great. And we do need to get together soon. I'll be out of town for the next two weekends, so unless you guys are free on Monday (national holiday anyone?) it'll have to be closer to the end of the month. But let's!

At 10:57 AM, Blogger cranberry said...

So cute! Never been pregnant (and don't think I will), I don't really see too many pregnant women where I am, and am unaware of the ettiquette.

I made a baby jumper once though.

At 6:57 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Just wait until every single person you meet thinks it is their right to
a) touch your belly without asking
b) offer you their (unsolicited) advice on how to raise your baby/handle your pregnancy/deal with pushy strangers
c) ask how much weight you've gained
d) tell you about their cervix/uterus/leaking/dilation/delivery horror stories

It's like once people know you're pregnant the censors are turned off and every last detail is shared!

p.s. if you're having a St-Patrick's baby you need to make something green!

At 12:38 PM, Anonymous Rachel said...

I definitely stick to those three questions, because just about any other questions can come across as intrusive at best or inadvertently insulting at worst, in my opinion. Still, no doubt you get sick of asking them. You should have postcards made up with the answers printed on them and you can just hand them to people when you meet.

At 7:40 PM, Blogger jenfromRI said...

So, how are you feeling?

Sorry - couldn't resist. I think I always tailored the response to that question to the person doing the asking. My mom can hear abuot the barfing and the heartburn, my neighbors maybe not so much. It's funny, though, my sister-in-law is pregnant and I still can't help asking her how she's feeling every time I see her.


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