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Monday, February 18, 2008

No Baby Yet!

Sorry for the long blogging absence. Nowadays if I am out of touch for any length of time people assume that I am having the baby. Under the circumstances this is perfectly reasonable, but it is a bit strange to have so many people waiting with baited breath for any news. As you've gathered from the title, the baby still hasn't made her appearance, even though the doctor says she is head down ready to go. He does predict that she won't be much longer, though, despite the fact that my due date is nearly a month from now. Her size is good and she seems healthy, so at this point we have far less to worry about if she is a little early.

On to how I am keeping busy while on bedrest. First, I am still doing lots of writing and article reviews, etc. for work using my laptop. It's good to feel productive, although I do feel a little bitter doing work while I'm officially on leave. Oh well, this is the nature of academia.

I have also started several new knitting projects. First, I am over halfway done with a chunky scarf in a two by two rib. I am using a wool/acrylic yarn with wonderful mix of fall colors with a strand of gold. It is Moda Dea Cache in the colorway "wink" and the colors are much more muted than you would think based on the photo below.

I also started two new Seija blankets that are extremely overdue gifts. The boy/girl twins were born at the end of November and I gave the happy parents a fairly lame shower gift with the promise of a homemade gift to follow. It seems imperative to get these done before the weather starts getting in the 90's, although they are stroller/carseat blankets so they should still be useful next winter (I hope, or this will just be adding another lame gift to the previous one).

I also started a cute pair of saartjes bootees this weekend using the last bit of some Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino. Everyone whose seen them describes them as the cutest booties every, and the pattern is super easy as well. I think our little girl will be wearing these home from the hospital with a matching umbilical cord hat. Here is my progress after about 15 minutes, but there will be sickeningly adorable photos of the finished product soon to follow. Unless of course I really do have the baby, then there might be some delay!

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At 3:05 PM, Blogger Theresa said...

Hang in there, and have fun!

At 5:42 PM, Anonymous Rachel said...

You are so disciplined, making all these things for other people's babies! I feel as though when I get pregnant, everyone else I know and love will immediately be out of luck, knitted gift-wise, for at least the following 10 years.

I hope the bed rest isn't getting to you too badly and that the babe comes along happy and healthy and SOON!

At 11:45 AM, Blogger michaele said...

Wow - I had NO IDEA this was all going on. I feel terrible that I wasn't keeping up with your blog these past few weeks. I'm glad things seem to be looking good. But it sucks to have to go on leave early- especially if your institution is stingy with maternity leave (I hope it isn't!).

I know completely what you mean about not really being on leave when you are on leave. Last semester, even though I was on sick leave, I was still expected to sit on Ph.D. exam committees and go to department meetings, and the like. Now I have exhausted that sick leave, (although I have research leave this semester) and so I am back to the usual: trying to keep up with the expected pace of productivity even though my body doesn't always cooperate. Ugh. You can't win.

Take care of yourself! Can't wait to see the updated news as I read further...


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