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Monday, September 15, 2008

The House Of Many Illnesses

So, my long absence can be directly attributed to our battle of the daycare illnesses. To be fair, I could also be picking things up at the university as well. College students also tend to pass along a lot of viruses. As a result, the three of us have been ill on and off for the past three weeks. I think we are close to all feeling well again (fingers crossed), so my poor blog may see some action again. As for knitting, I am making progress on Anouk. I also have some new yarn goodies to post about and I need to make yet another baby gift. No more Seija blankets, though. I bought a cute sleeper and want to make a matching hat (I don't suppose they will be worn together, but it will look cute in the gift box). I am excited because I will use up some more of the seemingly endless supply of yellow yarn I seem to have accumulated, and yellow is such a cheerful color for babies.

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At 10:16 AM, Blogger Jennifer Lori said...

The dress is coming along so cute! It's nice to see you back...was wondering why the long blogging silence!


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