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Thursday, October 02, 2008

America's Biggest Threat: Bears!

For those of you who are Stephen Colbert Report fans (and besides Barry Manilow, who isn't?) you know that Stephen has a strong hatred of bears. Evidently, all these months of watching the Colbert Report with Mom and Dad has led RJ to feel similarly about bears. She was sucking so violently on this bear's leg, I'm not sure if he will ever recover:

Don't think for one moment that this is an isolated act of violence against bears for RJ. She has a long history (well for her anyway) of attacking the fuzzy teddy versions of these obviously evil animals. Just look at her during her three-month old photo shoot. This bear clearly had it coming, trying to hog the spotlight during her photo session.

I apologize for the long blogging absence. We are going through what seems like all the daycare illnesses one by one. RJ has been sick every week, and she has been kind enough to share many of her illnesses with me, my husband or both of us. Thankfully, this is just a phase which will surely strengthen our immune systems in the long run. I hope to blog more regularly now that I've lost my voice in the most recent illness. I won't waste any of my time, you know, talking to people. Despite the illnesses, I do have some knitting related content for the blog. I just purchased this beautiful hank of Paca Peds in the colorway Fireside from Anne at the Handicraft Cafe:

It will be the sock portion of this pair of socks for RJ. I started the cuff in a dusty apricot color, but I don't have enough for two whole pairs of socks (I managed to secure a bunch of sock yarn leftovers from my wonderful knitting friends to practice with. Thanks guys!). I think the colors have a very fall look. Maybe I will make a matching pair of mittens for RJ in the Paca Peds?

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At 10:45 AM, Blogger jenfromRI said...

Ugh - my daughter's going through those first-year-at-daycare illnesses too. It is no. fun.

RJ is getting so big! What a cutie. :)

At 1:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look how big! And look at that hair! Oy she's adorable!

those socks are going to be so cute!

At 3:03 PM, Blogger Caroline said...

I'm glad that R.J. recgonizes the dangers of bears. I'm sure that Stephen Colbert would agree that hatred of bears must be indiscriminate, and that no exceptions may be made for cute, cuddly bears.

Sorry to hear you've been sick. My husband and I are both teachers, so when school starts, even though our kids are older now, none of us have a chance. It always seems like several of us get hit hard by some virus or another. Then we're OK for the rest of the year.

At 6:39 PM, Blogger CraftyDiversions said...

I'm glad that y'all are finally getting better. I must say that that Mr. Bear definitely looks like he is trying to steal RJ's spotlight and he looks like he's trying claiming her blanket! Thanks for the link!


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