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Friday, February 26, 2010

Having Goals

For some reason I thought that the Winter Olympics ended this Friday, today, so all week I've been panicking about finishing in time. Of course most of you probably know that they don't end until the 28th, which is Sunday. This means that I have a lot more time than I thought, and it's weekend time which is even better. Last night I was able to do some serious knitting and I got past 60 inches (the length in the pattern). I would like to make a bit longer and go until I run out of yarn, but I could bind off at any time now. A gold medal is nearly mine!

I know it's nearly March, but I haven't yet written about my knitting goals for the year yet, so I thought I might do that now. Why have goals? Actually, my husband spent a lot of time in January thinking about and writing down his short-term and long-term goals for both his personal and professional life. I have to admit that at first I thought it was one of those touchy-feely things he had picked up in his business classes. At first I just went along with it to help him out. However, I have discovered that keeping those goals in mind has been pretty helpful. For example, instead of the weekend flying by without really getting anything done or doing anything fun, I now decide in advance what task I want to complete and plan things to do with RJ. For example, this weekend I plan to clean the refrigerator and take RJ to a local park with train rides for kids. The plan for my knitting this year is generally to do more of it. I also want to try several new techniques. I have planned a cable project (Belle Wrap in the Knitting Little Luxuries Book) and a stranded colorwork project (Composed Knits from the Fall 2007 Interweave Knits). I also plan to do some more complex lace patterns like Lacey.

I have a bunch of bright pink mohair to use for Lacey. I am wondering if I should knit it along with another softer yarn to tone down the color and decrease itch. Any opinions?

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At 10:10 PM, Blogger Caroline said...

Lacey looks like a really pretty pattern, but I'm not the person to give advice about whether you should tone down any pink. I don't believe that pink should ever be toned down, ha, ha. Love the idea about goals. My only problem is that I'll plan things like cleaning the fridge, and then I'll feel like even more of a loser because I don't follow through. I guess the secret is listing reasonable, doable goals.

At 6:22 PM, Blogger Brenda said...

Good knitting plans! I have knit 2 sweaters (the same pattern actually) in LaGran Mohair which is 80-85% mohair and the rest nylon. It's a cardigan, and it is very soft and not really itchy. Some days it tickles around my neck and other days not. I vote to go with just the mohair. And I think with the right other clothes, the pink would be great.

At 7:41 PM, Anonymous jennifer said...

I don't know about the itchyness, but just be careful what you're wearing when you knit it, and where you are. I was knitting a mohair shrug in black...and it shedded like CRAZY! Maybe carrying something with it would help keep it from shedding? Like a laceweight?


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