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Friday, January 13, 2012

Girly Things

I finally finished the Anouk I started for RJ ages ago. I fear that it is now a bit too small for her, but I have a second chance with Iva so no harm done. I need to find some leggings to go under it, but with spring coming up a matching color should crop up somewhere. My girl has also gotten pretty picky, and didn't seem that excited about it. I blame grandma, who has taken to knitting with sparkly purple and pink yarn. It's hard to compete with that! I used some standard kitchen cotton (Sugar 'N Cream) and made the 12 month size for width and the 18 month size for length. RJ is nearly 4 years old, so the fact that it is a bit short is not surprising. ;) Details on my Ravelry project are here. I still love this pattern, although the kitchen cotton was hard on the hands when making a larger garment. The smaller version I made using the same type of yarn didn't bother me nearly so much.
RJ keeps asking me to knit things for her, but given the luke warm reception of this dress, I am not too inspired. She did ask for a sparkly purple scarf, so I am (gasp!) buying fun fur (Bernat Disco, if you can believe it) from someone on Ravelry to make her that. If she ever wants evidence that I truly do love her, I can just tell her how I knit with fun fur for her and that should prove it!

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At 4:09 PM, Blogger Brenda said...

It is very cute! Perhaps you needed to add some sequins. Good luck with the fun fur--your willingness to knit with it does prove a mighty love for RJ.

At 10:36 AM, Anonymous Jennifer said...

So cute! I haven't knit much for the boys 'cus I don't want to invest time into something they may not like (or will grow out of too much). Though I still have to finish Henri's baby blanket, and would like to make some toys for them.


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