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Monday, June 19, 2006

Happy Feet

This weekend lots of packing got done, but sadly very little knitting. The one time I did get to knit was while I was getting a pedicure. Yes, this was quite an indulgence, for which I have my very good friends L, R, R, & J to thank. They gave me a gift certificate for my birthday, which I used for two pedicures. Here are the results of the pedicure, as my knitting progress is too boring to post. The color is Rodeo Rose. I'm not clear as to whether this refers to Rodeo Drive, or cowboys and rodeos. I prefer to think that it must refer to the latter. I imagine this is the color a cowgirl would wear on her nails for riding steers or bucking broncos. That way you could still catch glimpes of the bright pink polish as she was whipped around. It suddenly feels rather tame to have merely knit while this punchy color was applied. Perhaps I should make sure my feet have some exciting adventures in this polish? I did find a lovely yarn to coordinate. Its Kelly color 101 by Needful. I love the colorways of this yarn, and already have 3 skeins in 064 (technically mine is California Color by Gedifra, but it's really the same thing).

As for my current knitting, I am working on the endless rows of seed stitch for the raglan sleeves on the Schachenmayr sweater. I should switch to the white/pink/mauve striped Knit.1 tank top, so I don't bore you and myself too much. Don't expect to see me in a rodeo anytime soon, but there's a small chance I may show you my knitting. Be sure to watch out for the bright pink polish on my toes, as I may be moving quite fast.


At 11:17 PM, Blogger Theresa said...

Aren't they sweet? Your toes look lovely.


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