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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Party Hardy

The funny things you find when you use google. I had never of a "come as you are party," so when Theresa of Knitting Underway mentioned it in her blog I just had to know. I hate the thought of any party idea escaping my scrutiny. In college my nickname was "the party stimululator." Parties seemed to always be breaking out in my presence, perhaps with a little help from me playing loud music and insisting everyone dance with me.

One google search and I found this description: COME AS YOU ARE PARTY

No invitation.

Birthday person decides on a time. She and an adult go from home to home gathering friends to "come as you are" (Can't change clothes, comb hair, take a shower, nothing - come just as they are). (Girls like these parties better than boys, but younger boys do enjoy them too.) We usually do it at 7:30 in the morning.

Maybe it's just me, but to drag people out of their homes at 7:30 in the morning (or some other unholy hour) and force them to party just seems cruel. And why does the website say that girls like these parties better than boys? I bet it's because little Susie warned all her girlfriends that she would be coming. Except for that one girl that none of the other girls like. She gets no warning. She gets to come to the party in her ratty old pajamas and uncombed hair. Girls are mean like that.

So now not only do I have to be ready for an Instant Beauty Pagaent every time I go to the mall, but I could be accosted at any time, day or night, to attend a party? Life is just getting too unpredictable for my taste. As Theresa said, some things just work better in cyberspace.

Back to the knitting content of the blog, here is the completed back to my Vogue Winter 05 vest. The front is coming along nicely. I hope to have an actual finished object soon (but don't hold your breath; I don't want to risk anyone's life needlessly).


At 8:17 AM, Blogger Theresa said...

And I would think you'd love that kind of party!

FYI - I have 4 consecutive weekends off between Oct 17th and Nov 20th or so. Shall we try to plan a get together? OC or SD, either way. It's been too long . . .

At 3:05 PM, Blogger JayJay said...

I could definitely see a version of the "come as you are" party being a lot of fun. The description I got in my google search, though, was so weird! How about getting together next weekend (17-18)? The hubby is itching to see San Diego!


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