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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sock It To Me

Summer is such a difficult time to keep focused. In my old school-age days the summer reading list got dusty (with the library over 20 miles away that would have been a bit difficult anyway), while I found sewing and craft projects to occupy my time. In a similar fashion, this summer the things I thought I would do have gone to the wayside only to be replaced by new projects. So what have I been doing?

1. Our next round of guests have arrived. We will have visitors on and off right up until classes start again in the fall.

2. I am working on reading several books on balancing a successful academic career while still having time for things like family. Many people probably don't realize it, but college professors get very little training on how to do the many of the day-to-day aspects of our jobs. We all sort of figure it out as we go along, muddling along as best as we can. It's nice to get some insight on ways to do things more efficiently and it's easy to read while RJ is sleeping on my lap during the day.

3. Most importantly for blog purposes, I started my first pair of socks. These are a tiny pair for RJ made of some leftover sock yarn (thanks for the yarn Anne, Zona, and Marie!). I will have to stripe this with some other leftover yarn, but since I'm just experimenting I figure it's better to use free yarn.

I also started a pair of fingerless gloves to go with my Le Slouch. Yay for the freedom of summer!

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At 1:35 PM, Blogger Jennifer Lori said...

Yay first socks! You're lucky- my first pair was for Yannick...he of the size 11 feet. That color is so sweet for a little girl!

A good tip I read for socks for infants is to work the leg and top of the foot in rib (I like 2x2) because it stretches nicely to keep them on, and to help them wear longer. If you make the leg extra-long you can fold it over as a cuff but still get use out of it later, unfolded.

Have fun!

At 3:15 PM, Blogger Caroline said...

Ditto the "yay" from Jennifer. Socks are a lot of fun, but be careful, they're addictive.

Good luck with your reading on the career and family balancing. I've struggled with it, but overall my family has won:) You have the advantage having having your advanced degree complete before you had children. The only time I felt like I was so overwhelmed by my academic obligations that my family suffered wa when was when I was working on my Master's degree.

At 7:18 PM, Blogger Brenda said...

So glad to see you trying socks! They are addictive because they are so much more comfortable than store-bought socks.

I think reading some books on balancing the whole professor/mom situation is a good idea. You could ask colleagues, but then if you decide not to take someone's advice, you'll be in the soup. Since my dad was an English professor, and my entire career history is in academia, I believe I know whereof I speak. Good luck!


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