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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gifts in the Making

My knitting has really taken a backseat since RJ was born, but now that she is a bit older I'm hoping to get back into it. Before she was born I actually had planned out several Christmas gifts to make and even completed a couple. I made a hat for my youngest brother and a scarf for a friend in England. I have decided to allow myself to be off the hook for all but one more holiday gift. I want to make the four-in-one gaiter (Ravelry link) from One Skein Wonders for my middle brother. It wouldn't be fair to make something for one brother and not the other and this project should be fast and easy, since it's just a ribbed tube. I am using some easy wash Wool-Ease Worsted in a heathered forest green. Here it is so far:

I may make a couple more simple things, but probably I will just work on things for next year. What I really need to do before Christmas is make RJ a stocking for our fireplace. I may actually make use of my sewing machine for that.

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