Trouble with Trebles

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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Let the Competition Begin!

I started this blog so I could more fully compete in the knitalong "The Amazing Lace" created and run by one of my good friends, Theresa at KnittingUnderway. I was working on a lovely vest from the Vogue Knitting Winter 04/05 issue. It is ribbed from the bottom up to the bust, then stockinette for the rest. I am making it out of some old wool/acrylic yarn I've had for ages. It's burgundy with a "fuzzy" texture. It also has three stripes, two dark gray and one light gray. The light gray yarn is also mystery yarn bought the same time as the burgundy yarn and the dark gray is charcoal gray wool-ease.

Here is an older photo of the back. It's actually done now, but you can see the three different yarns in this photo.

Here is the front, which I took along on a recent hiking trip. I'm in training for "The Amazing Lace" afterall. :)

I also took the vest to Southern California, where we tried to find a new place to live/store my craft supplies. As you can see, this trip was more laid back.

Now that the weather is warm, however, my wool fuzzy vest will be put away for a few months while I work on some lovely, lacey summer items. My official introduction of my Amazing Lace teammates for Challenge 1 will be posted soon!