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Thursday, August 26, 2010

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

We had a great time this summer visiting Trinidad, my husband's home country. However, whenever I tell people where we went they picture us sipping Pina Coladas on the beach. Trinidad isn't really like the other Caribbean islands, though. It's not really set up for tourists. We did go to the beach twice, but it takes about 45 minutes each way to drive there and it is the rainy season so we it always rained for at least part of the time on the beach. I didn't mind the rain, but RJ did not appreciate it so that would usually end our beach outing. She did love jumping in the waves, and is still talking about it. Also, the bugs were a constant battle. I would spend every meal hovering around RJ with a mosquito beater (electrified tennis racket) trying to keep her from being eaten. I had at least 30 bites at any given time. It was also extremely hot and humid, and like most places in Trinidad there was no air conditioning where we were staying. Despite those unpleasantries it was a great trip. We enjoyed seeing family and getting to know where my husband came from. I also had time to knit, both on very long flights there and back and while we were visiting with family. Here are some photos of us at the beach (RJ is conveniently blocking my baby bump) and some of the many beautiful sights.


Monday, August 16, 2010

Yarny Prizes!

One really fun activity I participated in via Ravelry was the Ravelympics this past winter. I was part of a knitalong for my good friend and designer, Anne Kuo Lukito of Crafty Diversions. I made Linh's Ivy, a lace scarf pattern of hers that turned our great. As part of the knitalong, I was put in a drawing for a prize and I won! Here is the selection of beautiful yarn I received:

It included: 2 balls Berroco Comfort; 2 skeins Berroco Bonsai; 1 skein Elsbeth Lavold Silk & Wool; 1 skein (3.5oz) chunky weight 100% kid mohair hand-dyed by Anne; and 1 skein (5.6 oz) fingering weight 100% pima cotton hand-dyed by Anne; 2 1.5” knitting buttons that I made.

I am so excited to make something out of the beautiful yarns!


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summer Projects

As you have probably noticed I am not keeping up with my blog posting as well I'd hoped. In the beginning of the summer I was teaching, and that seemed to take up all my time. Within a couple days of my class ending, we left on vacation to visit my husband's family in Trinidad for two weeks. What a whirlwind! (I will post details and photos of our vacation later.) What has really taken up most of my time, however, is that I'M PREGNANT! I am due in January, and we are quite excited to be giving RJ a younger sibling. I have had a few ultrasounds already, so we just found out that we are having a GIRL! We would be thrilled either way, but knowing the sex allowed me to buy some yarn just for this baby. So I got some beautiful lavender space-dyed cotton by Punta Yarns:

After I bought the yarn, I remembered that RJ had two lavender handknit sweaters that she would be passing down, but it is such a lovely color and so soft that I'm not too upset. I got the yarn at the lovely yarn shop Loop and Leaf in Santa Barbara. We spent the weekend in Santa Barbara for a wedding and had a wonderful time. Here is RJ at the wedding, looking adorable in her orange dress:

I have FOs, and other summer vacation photos to post, so hopefully I will catch up on things soon.

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