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Monday, October 30, 2006

Not so Manic Monday

You know it's going to be a long week when you go for the espresso drinks and it's not even noon on a Monday. Usually, I start off the week energetic and eager and by Wednesday afternoon I'm relying on caffeinated beverages. This week, I couldn't make it past noon today. My excuse is that going back to standard time screwed me up. Yes, I know I should have gotten an hour more of sleep, but the hubby figured that since we turned the clock back this would be a good time to adjust to our new wake time of 5:15 am. In practice, it should feel as if we were sleeping in by 15 minutes. I even went to bed by 10:15 pm last night. But, my body knew something was up. It wasn't fooled. And it is rebelling at getting up at any hour before 6:00 am. Alas, this is not a fight it can win. Traffic was much better for the hubby, so we will be getting up at our new time from now on.

Anyway, I thought I'd post our choices for the counters and floors in our new house. It won't be done until May, so until then we can stare at our samples and dream. Here is a photo of our cabinets and the granite we chose for the counters. The cabinets will be maple and stained this light reddish hue. At Home Depot the color is called "cider." The granite has a lot more pizazz in person, but you can tell that this will go well with our white sink (comes standard and would be a pain to replace). The kitchen should look very light and warm.

Below are the two types off flooring we're upgrading for the house, along with the cabinet (just to show that everything looks nice together). The tile will go in the kitchen, dining area, entry, the laundry room, and all the bathrooms. The carpet will go on the stairs.

The bedrooms and living room will get plain tan carpet for now, and we will upgrade to wood floors ourselves down the road. For the living room we plan to put in a mid-tone hand-scraped, antique-looking wood, and the bedrooms will get a light, smooth wood. In a few months, I hope to post photos of the finished product!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Who Needs Sleep?

song title - The Barenaked Ladies

Who needs sleep? Well, I'd certainly volunteer for some right about now. Or a caffeine IV drip. Compared to other people, I am probably being overly sensitive, but this week is taking some adjustment. The husband started his new job, which has thrown our schedule out of whack. I have to get up at 5:50 am so he can get to work on time. This is exactly the kind of job he was looking for, so I really shouldn't complain at all. This does, however, violate my policy that I do not get up at times that contain fives. There are TWO fives in 5:50. If I sleep in a little I might even end up getting up at 5:55. Oh, the horror!! For the sake of marital harmony, I may have to change my policy. I shall now avoid 4's.

In other news, I am slowly learning that some things I initially considered odd about California lifestyle actually make a lot more sense when you actually live here.

1. hoodie with shorts

Previous thinking - If it's cold enough for the hoodie, why the heck are you still wearing shorts?

New thinking - Fall days start out somewhat chilly in the morning, but warm up to high 70s and low 80s. As the day warms up take off the hoodie and voila!, you're comfortable.

2. rain makes the news and slows traffic

Previous thinking - It's just rain for God's sake! Get over it and drive.

New thinking - What is this strange water falling from sky? It's rained TWICE since I moved in July, and not much either time. Last time it rained I couldn't see because all the dust that had accumulated on my windshield for the past two months turned to mud. No wonder traffic slows.

In crafting news, I am taking a break from knitting and crocheting some potholders. I had two such potholders tucked away for years to use at the right moment. When we moved, that moment arrrived (OK, we actually threw away all the old ones, and forgot to buy new ones when we moved in). They actually work marvelously, so I am using up some Sugar 'n Cream yarn from my stash to make some more. The two pieces are crocheted together with lovely scalloped edge to make a sturdy, yet decorative potholder. This yarn is black and white, slightly reminiscent of a holstein cow. I am thinking maybe a black or red for the edges? These may end up as Christmas gifts as they are easy and fun.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A (Cheap) Source of Entertainment?

Now that the hubby and I are getting settled into southern California, we have begun the arduous task of saving for a house downpayment. So, we are now on a stict budget for the next several months. Thankfully, my wonderful husband has decided that knitting is a cheap form of entertainment and therefore it's still OK to occasionally buy some yarn. He figures that each project will take several weeks, providing much more entertainment than one time at the movies, and I will make something nifty to wear in the process. You cannot imagine how hard it was for me to hide every skein in my stash to make it look like I was poor, destitute knitter in need of new yarn. Little does he know that I probably already have enough yarn to keep myself busy for the next ten years, let alone the next few months. He may be getting a little suspicious. I don't think I was particularly convincing when I told him that two skeins of yarn on my dresser were just a fun pair of earrings I'd picked up. Either way, I've decided to be good, and don't plan to buy any large amounts of yarn until the end of the semester, as a treat.

To give me something fun to play with, however, I did buy a few more skeins of Gedifra's California Color in a tan/green/coral-pink colorway, giving me 9 skeins to work with. I should be able to make something cool out of that much (sorry for the blurry pic). Any suggestions? It's a worsted cotton/acrylic.
If you see me out and about I should be easy to recognize. I'll be the one with skeins of yarn hanging from my ears.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Party Hardy

The funny things you find when you use google. I had never of a "come as you are party," so when Theresa of Knitting Underway mentioned it in her blog I just had to know. I hate the thought of any party idea escaping my scrutiny. In college my nickname was "the party stimululator." Parties seemed to always be breaking out in my presence, perhaps with a little help from me playing loud music and insisting everyone dance with me.

One google search and I found this description: COME AS YOU ARE PARTY

No invitation.

Birthday person decides on a time. She and an adult go from home to home gathering friends to "come as you are" (Can't change clothes, comb hair, take a shower, nothing - come just as they are). (Girls like these parties better than boys, but younger boys do enjoy them too.) We usually do it at 7:30 in the morning.

Maybe it's just me, but to drag people out of their homes at 7:30 in the morning (or some other unholy hour) and force them to party just seems cruel. And why does the website say that girls like these parties better than boys? I bet it's because little Susie warned all her girlfriends that she would be coming. Except for that one girl that none of the other girls like. She gets no warning. She gets to come to the party in her ratty old pajamas and uncombed hair. Girls are mean like that.

So now not only do I have to be ready for an Instant Beauty Pagaent every time I go to the mall, but I could be accosted at any time, day or night, to attend a party? Life is just getting too unpredictable for my taste. As Theresa said, some things just work better in cyberspace.

Back to the knitting content of the blog, here is the completed back to my Vogue Winter 05 vest. The front is coming along nicely. I hope to have an actual finished object soon (but don't hold your breath; I don't want to risk anyone's life needlessly).

Monday, October 02, 2006

Plays Well with Others

Always one happy to play with others, I will follow suit and take part in Grumperina's Meme: 10 Knitterly Things You Don't Know About Me:

1. I'm actually very new to knitting. Officially, I've only completed one sweater and a couple baby hats. For some reason, people assume I've been knitting for awhile. Perhaps they're not accustomed to such a level of obsession in someone so new to the craft? Those who know me well are perfectly aware that my obsessiveness cannot be denied. It's best to give it a creative outlet and hope for the best.

2. I *should* be an expert knitter, not a beginner. My mother tried to teach me numerous times, and I just never caught on. I have crocheted for many years and made several afgans and a few doilies (just to see if I could). My mother knits continental style. Maybe I'm just not coordinated enough to knit continental?

3. I learned to knit in a community education class. I have to be honest and admit that I am an old dog and knitting was a new trick. I found it much too frustrating to learn on my own. Being in a class with a bunch of other people struggling to learn made me feel better.

4. Perhaps this might seem obvious based on the items above, but I've never done a cable. Not avoiding them, just haven't gotten around to it. I am looking for a good beginner cable project, if you have any suggestions?

5. On a related note, I was one of the first to join The Amazing Lace, even though I didn't know how to do a yarn over. What can I say, I was confident I could figure it out!

6. I'm not sure if I'll ever knit socks. I have nothing personal against them, it's just that since I moved to California socks have lost all appeal to me. Not just knitted ones, all socks. I've worn socks exactly three times since the move: The three times I've gone to gym (really have to get on that by the way). My feet yearn to be free (of socks, that is).

7. I have an embarrassingly large stash of cheap acrylic yarn that I can't seem to part with. It's been alternately moved and stored at least half a dozen times. I'm too damn cheap to just give it away. It's fairly soft (not the old, scratchy kind) so maybe crocheted baby blankets would be a good option?

8. I am probably the only knitter who has made a sweater but not a scarf. Sweaters are more exciting.

9. I am often torn between knitting and all my other crafty hobbies. I should probably just pick one and stick with it, with the hope that I will become a real expert at that one thing. Unfortunately, it feels like choosing among my children.

10. I love all of Wendy's patterns, but haven't tried one yet. They are cute and perfect for southern California! However, I feel like I *should* use a pattern from one of the zillions of books and knitting mags I've already bought. I'm sure I will crack soon and buy one anyway (the OCD made me do it).

I hope that was mildy illuminating. I wish my knitting life was a bit more exciting, but other parts of my life have been significantly more adventurous so I guess it evens out.

I have been giving the Schachenmayr sweater some thought, and I think I will return to an old project for now, the Vogue Winter 05 v-necked vest. That is definitely a fall project and it's nearly done. Once I get that and the Knit.1 tank finished, I think I'll feel better about tackling the lace and gauge issues.